Author: Chris Garland
Created On: 06/13/2016 05:42 PM

Thank you for today's call.  I wanted to follow-up on my question.  How are you working with mandated or required partners in your state?  How involved are SCSEP providers with the state of KY's initativies?   Thank you.


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Author: Wendy Russsell
Created On: 06/13/2016 06:10 PM

You bbriefly touched on branding during the call.  2 questions:  When did you begin the branding process (prior to or after WIOA)?  And, how did/are you incorporating new partners into the brand?


Author: Jason Slone
Created On: 06/15/2016 01:59 PM

(Chris Garland) SCSEP Questions: This partner is in the majority of all Kentucky Career Centers. In some centers, we actually have FT partners responsible for recruiting and placement and work directly with customers in our centers. The centers also serve as host sites for placement of individuals. These participants are assigned a jobs center counselor and they're trained in a specific, administrative service role. The individual learns valuable skills, all the while learning a greater job search skills, of the readily available tools used in our centers. We are very pleased with the successes of the program. In my region alone, I oversee four centers, and we have the SCSEP partner in all four locations.

(Wendy Russell) Branding: The branding process begun as 1 of 25 action items identified in the state board strategic plan. The process begun in the spring of 2011. A consultant was retained through an RFP process. A state steering committee team was comprised of leaders from all parts of the Commonwealths public workforce system. This team worked closely with the consultant, outlining problems with our current identity to the customer, and what this should look like in the future. The team look at the customer journey, both internal and external. The consultant visited many centers across our system and met with individuals, both job seeker, and business, to determine the levels of functional design needed to reduce confusion, and unify the system.

Once the project was completed in full, a set of branding guidelines were developed, as part of the deliverables within the scope of duty. This process allows for the brand to remain uniform in design and function, but also allows for additional partners who enter our system, to have clear, and precise guidelines of the brand use, its intent or mission, and its visibility across all partners as the parent system.