System Mapping: A Guide to Developing Actor Maps

Organizational Author(s): Foundation Strategy Group (FSG)

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Practical advice on how to develop a specific type of system mapping tool called an actor map.  These maps can be used as part of many different system change efforts (e.g., collective impact, other forms of collaborative action), and can be used to inform strategy development and refinement, as well as evaluation. 

Actor maps can help: 
• Better understand current actors and their roles in the system. 
• Diagnose the level of engagement and strength of connections among actors. 
• Identify opportunities to build new relationships and explore other parts of the system. 
• Identify potential points of intervention and levers of change. 
• Identify and discuss ideas and questions that the map raises for both strategy and evaluation purposes (e.g., developing a strategy, focusing an evaluation’s questions and design).

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Topics: Asset Mapping
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