This module, Wagner-Peyser Employment Services and Unemployment Insurance is one webcast that is part of a series of webcasts.


In this webcast, you will learn about the changes made in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) to the Wagner-Peyser Act, which is the authorizing legislation for the employment service, which is currently delivered through our One-Stop systems nationwide.

  • Local plans must include a description of strategies and services to strengthen linkages between Unemployment Insurance and One-Stop centers.
  • Unified state plans require focus on integrated data systems across core, education, and UI programs.
  • Labor market and workforce information is a critical foundation for workforce strategies and a key career service to be delivered through the One-Stop system.
  • WIOA envisions continuous improvement of labor market and workforce information through collaboration among federal agencies, states, and the new Workforce Information Advisory Council.

WIOA's impact on Wagner-Peyser Employment Services are as follows:

  • Required co-location in One-Stop centers
  • Required core program and included in unified state plan
  • Aligned performance metrics
  • New focus of Governor’s 10% on staff development

Enhanced services for unemployment insurance claimants are as follows:

  • Unemployment insurance (UI) claimants are a core customer of the Wagner-Peyser Employment Services program.
  • UI claimants receive enhanced career services including assistance with UI claims filing and eligibility assessments.
  • UI claimants receive referrals to an array of training and education resources.