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Youth Council Toolkit

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Youth Councils often struggle with attracting and retaining effective members and striking the right balance between meeting WIA's requirements and the spirit of the law - to drive collaborative, strategic, and comprehensive youth planning in the local area - that keeps members engaged.  This toolkit contains six practical and easy-to-use modules developed to address critical needs identified by your peers. 

These materials include:
  • Youth Council Toolkit Introduction - Purpose of the Toolkit, authors of the Toolkit, and brief description of the six modules
  • Module 1 - Key Principles for effective Youth Councils
  • Module 2 - Work Plan Template provides a format for youth councils to record, organize and plan work activities to carryout the responsibilities under WIA delegated to youth councils by the local workforce boards
  • Module 3 - Membership Scorecard for Retaining and Sustaining Members is designed for youth council leads to evaluate and rate their progress for retaining and sustaining members
  • Module 4 - Training Quick Start Guide provides an overview of youth councils to youth council members and other interested parties
  • Module 5 - Implementation: An Operational Resource offers information about the critical elements necessary for a youth council to operate successfully
  • Module 6-- Public Relations: A Guide to Community Outreach offers tips for developing an outreach plan and sample correspondence to recruit community leaders and organizations to help in developing a local workforce development system.

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