The purpose of a local Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to establish the roles and responsibilities of the Local Workforce Development Board, the chief elected official, and the one-stop partners in delivering program services through the American Job Center network.

An MOU identifies the “game plan” that the local partners and board will use to best serve their customers, job seekers and businesses.  Yet, often, the concept of focusing on the customer is not one that takes center stage in the MOU development or renewal process.

MOUs are a powerful vehicle to design and administer a cohesive workforce system in which both customer groups’ needs can be met in the best way possible.  Customer-centered design (CCD) is a generative process that starts with people and ends with surprising answers tailor-made to put our customers’ needs at the center. 

In this webcast series, you will learn how CCD can be applied to the development of an MOU and how it can help you meet the three key goals every workforce system should strive for:

  1. Aligning partner services and funding streams to maximize the efficient and effective use of resources,
  2. Enhancing strategic financial investments by prioritizing funds to areas of greatest need, and
  3. Significantly contributing to regional economic growth.