A hallmark of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is its emphasis on Integrated Service Delivery (ISD) to better serve workforce customers. An integrated workforce system encourages partners to develop and share a common vision.

The vision helps them design high quality American Job Centers (AJC) that connect customers with the full range of services available in their communities. While integrating services is not a new concept, the law strengthens the ability of States, regions, and local areas to align investments in workforce, education, and economic development to regional in-demand jobs.


  • Recognize their shared mission and objectives
  • Develop integrated service strategies which reduce duplication of services and improve the customer experience
  • Leverage budgets and resources through formal commitments such as Memoranda of Understanding and Infrastructure Funding Agreements
  • Align their program design and service delivery to benefit shared customers
  • Operate with a system viewpoint rather than thinking about programs as separate and siloed

Resources to assist with planning, achieving and assessing integrated service delivery are catalogued in the site map.