The following resources provide practical information and tools regarding financial and grants management under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Act.


  • Sample MOU and Infrastructure Costs Toolkit: This Sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and accompanying Cost Allocation Analyses for hypothetical local areas may be used as a reference guide or toolkit when developing your own MOU, including your one-stop operating budget, Infrastructure Funding Agreement (IFA), and cost allocation methodologies, pursuant to the requirements of section 121 of WIOA, its implementing regulations at 20 CFR part 678 and 34 CFR parts 361 and 463, and the relevant guidance.
  • Customer Centered Memorandum of Understanding Web Series: MOUs are a powerful vehicle to design and administer a cohesive workforce system in which both customer groups’ needs can be met in the best way possible. Customer-centered design (CCD) is a generative process that starts with people and ends with surprising answers tailor-made to put our customers’ needs at the center. In this webcast series, you will learn how CCD can be applied to the development of an MOU. 


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