This page identifies applicable policies, guidance, and resources that support the comprehensive service delivery to UI claimants. Provided resources emphasize services outside of typical reemployment related activities and include but are not limited to:

WIOA’s requirement for meaningful assistance with UI claims, information about training and education opportunities for UI claimants not covered by WIOA,  clarification about merit staffing requirements, UI approved training policies,  and strategic partnerships and planning. 

Key Resources:

  • UIPL 20-15, Unemployment Insurance and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 2014: Provides guidance to state Unemployment Insurance agencies responsible for administration of the Federal-State UI programs on implementation of the provisions of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) related to UI programs.   Provides information about a wide range of topics including, among others, infrastructure and other costs, required provision of assistance to UI claimants, memorandums of understanding,  and Wagner Peyser Employment Service responsibilities in supporting UI programs.


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