The Performance Reporting – Guidance page provides a collection of key guidance related to the implementation of performance accountability requirements. This page includes guidance on WIOA performance accountability requirements, supplemental wage information requirements, non-WIOA performance accountability requirements, and more.

Key Resources:

  • TEGL 14-18: This guidance describes the DOL-only performance accountability requirements and aligns performance accountability requirements across DOL workforce employment and training programs.

  • TEGL10-16: This guidance describes the DOL/ED Joint performance accountability requirements for WIOA core programs.     
  • TEGL 26-16: This guidance describes the DOL/ED Joint supplemental wage information requirements for WIOA core programs.
  • TEN 8-16: This notice describes the implementation schedule for the ETA/VETS integrated performance reporting system, WIPS.
  • TEN 3-17 Reassessment of FEDES: This notice is to inform States that in January 2018, the Federal Employment Data Exchange System (FEDES) will be temporarily suspended while the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) reassesses the feasibility of FEDES.
  • TEN 40-16: This notice is to announce the WIPS resource page to the system and performance reporting specialists in particular. 


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