The Performance Reporting – Tools, Resources, and the Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS) page provides a collection of key tools and resources related to the reporting of performance on DOL ETA’s workforce programs. This page includes reporting templates, the Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL), the WIOA core program negotiations tool, and information about WIPS.

Key Resources:

  • WIPS page: This links to the resource page for DOLETA's performance reporting system, WIPS.  
  • DOL PIRL, Joint PIRL: This tool is the definitions and record layout for reporting on the performance of individual participants in DOLETA workforce programs. 
  • ETA-9169: This template is the required Annual reporting template for WIOA core programs.   
  • ETA-9173: This template is the required Quarterly reporting template for DOL workforce programs. 


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