The Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs - Webinars and Webcast page provides a collection of key webinars discussing serving Adult and Dislocated Worker populations.  This page includes webinars related to Service Delivery, Special Populations, and Work-Based Learning, as well as other topics important to effectively serving adults and dislocated workers under WIOA.

Key Resources:

  • WIOA Wednesday: Programmatic Changes due to WIOA: This session, aimed at for front-line staff, managers, and other intermediary workforce staff and partnering agencies is intended to provide a broad offers understanding of many of the changes in the WIOA provisions that impact: Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Wagner Peyser Act Employment Service programs.
  • WIOA Partner Briefing - Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs:  This webinar is part of one in a series of informal briefings describing individual WIOA partner programs that make up the workforce system. The briefings are primarily targeted towards for all WIOA partners, including Federal staff and the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) members. This particular briefing is the Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration's WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker
  • Reducing Barriers to Employment - Building Partnerships with Civil Legal Aid: This webinar explores how civil legal interventions can reduce the number of obstacles to employment facing jobseekers who have criminal records by helping them expunge or seal old records, reinstate driver’s licenses, modify child support orders, and secure certificates of rehabilitation. Participants also learn about the 2016 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act rule language describing legal aid as a necessary supportive service, as well as tips for incorporating legal services into the comprehensive services already offered through American Job Centers.
  • Strategies for Implementing OJT Simply and Effectively: This interactive webinar draws on key components of a new ETA resource guide on On-the-Job Training (OJT) that showcases strategies for Implementing OJT simply and effectively. The webinar also offers an overview of common misconceptions of OJT, and provides a summary of key elements and major changes to OJT under WIOA.