The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has developed resources highlighting the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act’s (WIOA) impact on performance indicators and reporting for core programs.
The Performance Accountability resources found on includes resources highlighting WIOA impacts on performance indicators for core programs, including new measures related to services to employers and postsecondary credential attainment, and reporting information such as: policy guidance; Q&A’s; training tutorials; timelines; and links to reporting formats for WIOA, the Workforce Investment Act, Wagner-Peyser, Jobs for Veterans Act, National Farmworker Jobs Program, Trade Adjustment Assistance; and other ETA-funded programs.

The following resources are available in the Related Content Links to the left:

• WIOA Performance Reporting Page
• ETA Performance Reporting Online Training and Resources Portal
• WIOA Joint PIRL (ETA-9170)
• DOL only PIRL (ETA–9172)
• WIOA Statewide and Local Performance Template (ETA-9169)
• DOL Program Quarterly Performance Report Template (ETA-9173)
• Effectiveness in Serving Employers data elements for the 2nd and 3rd measure options (1st is calculated using elements in PIRL)
• ETA Performance and Results Website
• WIOA Performance Planning and Policy Guidance – ETA
• WIOA Performance-Related FAQs
• What Is New in Performance Reporting – ETA
• Common Measures Policy - DOL/ETA
• Data Validation Information - DOL/ETA