AJC Common Identifier and Branding

American Job Center Network

Effective November 17, 2016--Common Identifier on all Primary Electronic Resources

The U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (ETA), in coordination with the Department of Education, has established the American Job Center network, a unifying name and brand that identifies online and in-person workforce development services as part of a single network.

In connection with this activity, ETA established trademark ownership of the following logos: 1) “American Job Center network”; and 2) “a proud partner of the American Job Center network.”For more information, view the Graphics Style Guide for Partners (PDF) and for a variety of files available for download, visit the DOL site: American Job Center — Graphics Style Guide for Partners, Terms of Use.  For a full discussion of the common identifier requirements, see AJC Common Identifier and Branding FAQs

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