One of the key principles of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a commitment to identify customer driven solutions through strategic partnerships and collaborative service – for example, better aligned policies and services and complementary investment strategies across programs and agencies. In order to achieve this goal, it is critical that the board create the right foundation for action.

Resources in this section are designed to address these goals:

  • Developing foundational documents (forthcoming)

  • Convening stakeholders to advance common goals

  • Aligning across partner programs

  • Building the capacity of all partners (forthcoming)

Convening Stakeholders

On Strategic Meetings for Boards. Read this blog about how boards and staff can achieve success.

How to Structure a Strategic Meeting.This package of a PowerPoint Presentation and Exercise on designing and running strategic meetings may be used as training for new board staff or board chairs.


Career Pathways Toolkit offers strategies for developing career pathways and working with partners.

One Stop Operator Selection and Infrastructure Costs– FAQ some quick answers to commonly asked questions  

One Stop Infrastructure Funding recording provides an overview of key concepts and terms and will provide foundational knowledge of the local and state funding mechanisms.

One Stop Centers Quick Start Action Planner is helpful for board staff looking to help their boards evaluate their current approach to one stop oversight.

The Integrated Service Delivery Tool Kit offers a wealth of information on Integrated Service Delivery, for board staff interested in learning more.

Apprenticeship Toolkit is for boards and staff looking to take their current apprenticeship strategy to the next level.  For employers seeking more information on Apprenticeships, check out the Quick Start Toolkit.

Workforce Boards as Sector Intermediaries brief provides case studies addressing how Boards have successfully acted in varying roles for Sector Partnerships

Youth Peer Learning Group recorded discussion for local boards and partnerships, and how they assist with implementation of WIOA In-School and Out-of-School youth programs.