About the ION Talks

The ION Talks are three short videos produced to inform and support the partners in the workforce system as they manage the changes required by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). They are designed to provide both insights and strategies for understanding individual and organizational reactions to change. 
The ION Talks are designed to provoke thought, discussion, planning, and action for the process of managing change. Each video has an accompanying discussion guide that outlines the video’s focus, poses discussion questions, and asks participants to plan action steps for change implementation.


Reconfiguring the System – Organizational Resiliency

WIOA is requiring the workforce system as a whole to refocus and re-configure how we work together to deliver services for our customers. This ION Talk can be useful as a thought piece for an organizational leader or program administrator who wishes to implement a change for his/her group, office, or team. The ION Talk and discussion guide can also be used as a process for the entire group to plan, discuss, and work through a pending change.

To get started, click on the Organizational Resiliency ION Talk Video on this page and the Discussion Guide under “Related Content”.