WIOA lays the groundwork for workforce areas to design and govern regionally—aligning education and training strategies and services with regional economies, rather than with county borders or with traditional local service area boundaries. This group will highlight and share promising practices that support this regional approach.

PLG Main Page

The WIOA PLG Main Page provides descriptions for each call in one place.  You are also able to register for other PLG call topics. Each PLG will be led by a trained SME and facilitator and will highlight one or two expert practitioners. Expert practitioners will have an opportunity to share their promising practice. However, the majority of the calls will be devoted to a facilitated peer-to-peer discussion and Q&A.

Discussion Board

PLGs are aimed at state, local leaders, and workforce practitioners who are responsible for leading any and all aspects of WIOA changes. Each PLG topic has its own discussion board on ION where participants are already sharing ideas, asking questions, and engaging in meaningful knowledge sharing about WIOA implementation.

Catalogue of PLG Events

We will be listing the audio recordings and transcriptions of each PLG call on the respective PLG resource page.  On the recordings and transcription, a call can be up to 60 minutes long and include the following format:

  • Several minutes of the Facilitator setting up the topic and introducing the speaker(s)
  • One or two expert practitioners telling their story briefly (aim to be between 10-20 minutes total)
  • Facilitated Q&A discussion (at least 35 minutes). The expert practitioner(s) should largely be the ones to answer questions during the discussion although the facilitator and others on the call may certainly have insights to offer