Voices of Experience: Podcast on Individuals with Disabilities

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An expectation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is for the state and local programs which provide services to individuals with disabilities to engage in a cohesive strategic planning process with a focus on collaboration and support for competitive integrated employment.

In this podcast, Jennifer Mizrahi, Philip Pauli, and Joe Ashley share their thoughts.


"It’s amazing, if you do exactly what the business asks you and you get somebody that skill set everybody thinks you’re a genius when really all you really did was listen and help people figure out how to achieve it."

-Jennifer Mizrahi

 "Focus on the people who are really willing to partner with you and when you have successes with partnerships others will eventually get on board "

-Philip Pauli

 "One of the beauties of this new legislation is indeed how blending and braiding of funding and ideas and resources can really come together towards joint thinking toward solutions of people who have barriers to work "

-Joe Ashley


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