The provisions under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) include key investments to assist disconnected youth by providing access to essential education and training to produce skills which meet employer needs.

An expectation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is for the state and local programs which provide services to individuals with disabilities to engage in a cohesive strategic planning process with a focus on collaboration and support for competitive integrated employment. This podcast features two practitioners who discuss strategies for serving disconnected youth.  The participants discuss their personal commitments to serving disconnected youth; their experiences in addressing the barriers related to educational functioning and lack of work experience that such youth face; and the extensive partnerships they have developed in support of this effort.  

Participants include James Chapman, Program Manager, Southeast Tennessee Development District, Chattanooga, Tennessee and Robert Sainz, Assistant General Manager, Workforce Development, Economic and Workforce Development Department, City of Los Angeles, California.

"There was a real effort on the part of our Workforce Investment Board to play the role as the advocate of reconnecting young people."

- James Chapman

"It’s amazing, if you do exactly what the business asks you and you get somebody that skill set everybody thinks you’re a genius when really all you really did was listen and help people figure out how to achieve it."

-Robert Sainz