Voices of Experience: Podcast on Customer Centered Design Part 1

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The implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) provides the opportunity to design services, processes, and physical space within One-Stop centers in a way that will produce better outcomes for customers and increase customer satisfaction.

In this podcast, Robin Purdy and Diane Ferrari detail how they used the customer-centered design approach step-by-step to create a participant intake process that resembles the speed dating concept.

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"One of the cool things about this customer-centered design that we went through is that they teach you tools for not shutting down somebody else's idea, but to add a "yes, and" instead of a "no, but…" -Diane Ferrari

"We wanted to make sure that we did not degrade our service delivery at all, but still focused on the customer and made sure that the experience was what they needed…"-Robin Purdy

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