We encourage you to view the Employment and Training Administration's (ETAs) official WIOA 101 Training Webcasts for more information about the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which was signed into law in 2014.


WIOA 101 Online Training Series

The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has made available these webcasts as a way to introduce key provisions of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Titles I and III. 

The enactment of WIOA provides a tremendous opportunity for workforce system improvements to ensure America’s One-Stop network remains job-driven and responsive to the needs of employers and workers preparing for jobs that are available now and in the future.

Among several series of webinars to assist in WIOA implementation, the WIOA 101 Training webcasts are an introduction to key provisions in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Titles I and III. These narrated presentations by Employment and Training Administration staff highlight key provisions in the new law.


  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act: An Introduction to Key Provisions
  • WIOA 101: Introduction to the New Law

   Governing and Operating the System

  • State and Local Governance
  • Performance Accountability

   Delivering High Quality, Effective Services

  • Robust and Effective Services to Job Seekers and Workers
  • Robust and Effective Services to Businesses
  • One-Stop Center Service Design 
  • Wagner-Peyser Employment Service and Unemployment Insurance
  • Target Populations and National Programs
  • Registered Apprenticeship
  • National Dislocated Worker Grants (Formerly National Emergency Grants)
  • Youth Program
  • Job Corps

The WIOA official website and the Innovation & Opportunity Network (ION) Community of Practice on WorkforceGPS are working in concert to provide you with the most up-to-date information concerning WIOA.  

There are also other series of WIOA training webinars, videos and podcasts, many of which are referenced here on this page for your easy access.