The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and its grantees have designed a number of toolkits to help workforce professionals in various programs carry out their day-to-day duties.

This inventory of toolkits offers you a selected number of how-to-guides that provide examples, recommended approaches, best practices and effective strategies to achieve positive outcomes with clients.

Handing You Tools for Program Development

ETA makes available a variety of resources, including guides and toolkits, to help workforce professional innovate and continuously improve their programs.

Please refer to more resources, online training and webinars in the communities of practice and collections on this website for more specific program information.

Your regional Federal Project Officer (FPO), grant manager, or technical assistance (TA) consultant may refer you to these materials, and provide additional information to supplement these toolkit materials.

Integration and Coenrollment Strategies

While you have these tools for specific programs available, remember that the workforce system's intent is to integrate programs and services, which maximizes resources and opportunity. 

Keep in mind where you can leverage existing resources, and offer participants coenrollment in other programs as well.

                            Dual Enrollment with CTE Focus Seen as Strategy for College Completion and Workforce Investment

Workforce System Hallmarks of Excellence

With many tools and techniques in your toolkit, you can ensure that the integrated workforce system maintains its level of excellence and achieves its main hallmarks, which are:

  • The needs of businesses and workers drive workforce solutions, and local boards are accountable to communities in which they are located.
  • One-Stop Centers (or American Job Centers) provide excellent customer service to all jobseekers and employers, and focus on continuous improvement.
  • The workforce system supports strong regional economies, and plays an active role in community and workforce development.

               Opportunity to Participate in Expanded Pell Grant Eligibility Demo