As part of ongoing technical assistance provided to workforce professionals and service providers, the Access 30-Second Trainings and the Top 20 Take Home Now webinars address one-stop career center accessibility, accommodations for individuals with disabilities, and employer engagement.  

These trainings were developed for Disability Resource Coordinators (DRCs) and other workforce professionals to share with their American Job Center (AJC) staff and partners.

The Access 30-Second E-Training Series

ETA's Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) technical assistance (TA) team created this series of Access 30-Second Trainings that address job center accessibility.  

In addition to creating the American Job Center (AJC) Access 30-Second Training Series, the TA team also created an American Job Center (AJC) Access Resource Guide that will serve as a "take-away" or desk-top aide for job center staff and partners. 

The guide was developed to provide American Job Centers and their partner agencies with relevant federal, state and local level information around their legal obligations and resources that can assist them in identifying and implementing effective accommodation strategies in serving and training job seekers who experience a disability.

The guide also contains other national, regional, state, and local resources that can support job center staff and partners in serving job seekers with disabilities.

                            Youth with Disabilities and the Workforce Development System

Top 20 "Take Home Now" Employer Engagement Strategies

Effectively engaging employers requires a multi-faceted approach, and while some strategies can be quickly and easily implemented, others take some careful planning.

The beauty of this webinar is it provides it all - the "grab and go" strategies that you can implement right away as well as others to integrate into your medium- and long-term strategic planning.

All of them, though, have proven effective for other local workforce investment areas.  And, in addition to the twenty, easily digestible "Take Home Now" strategies, this webinar showcases two local areas that are using these tips and more to successfully engage employers as partners and champions!