The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) enhanced numerous features of the workforce system, including creating a greater emphasis on delivering successful job-driven training that results in credentials. 

More targeted occupational and workplace preparation is needed for job seekers to enter the labor market and for low-income workers to advance in careers that pay sustainable, living wages.

Targeted Job-Driven Occupational Training 

Local Workforce Development Boards will analyze demand occupations in their local industry, assessing those that are in high growth industries or key sectors, and develop a targeted occupations list for classroom training. 

This list would include both occupations where there is high replacement demand, and those where new job growth is projected.

The resources on this page assist workforce planners and labor market analysts in performing the targeting analysis, and preparing a list of occupations for which the Board has pre-approved the expenditure of training funds. 

The Board will also develop a policy for exceptions to the list, so that occupations that demonstrate evidence of being in demand can also be approved for the expenditure of training funds.

                                  Multiple Education Pathways Blueprint: A design to build a diverse education system in Jefferson Parish to exceed the needs of youth, businesses and community

Training that Results in a Credential

WIOA also provides that such classroom training, as well as other types of training, such as on-the-job training, customized training, etc. should lead to the attainment  of credentials.

One of the six core measures across the six core programs (Adult, Dislocated Worker, Youth, Adult Education, and Vocational Rehabilitation) is the Credential Rate, so it will be a result measured across multiple programs and workforce activities.                               

Eligible Training Provider List

WIOA changes some provisions regarding eligible training provider eligibility and performance, and adds Apprenticeship to the list of eligible training providers.

Please refer to the link on this page for more information about eligible training provider list provisions in WIOA.

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