Learn about Financial Management and Procurement Requirements under WIOA

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Financial oversight review

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) enhancements to the workforce system lend a heightened awareness of the fiduciary responsibilities that come with the corresponding accountability for, and oversight over, a highly integrated workforce system complete with co-located partners, procured service providers, and shared resource leveraging.

Comprehensive Financial Management

The financial management resources and information page referenced here contains:  best practices, replicable models, implementation plans, recorded webinars, videos, research documents, and data reports.  Content is typically categorized in topic-related folders.

                        Reviewing financial reports         

Procurement Requirements and the Procurement Process

The interactive online training here covers procurement requirements and the procurement process using competitive procedures, when acquiring goods and services with Federal funds. You will also learn the rationale for ensuring competition, and the different procurement methods as well as the Uniform Administrative Requirements applicable to your organization.


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