The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) provides an opportunity for a greater emphasis on customer-focused and effective case management.  In providing guidance, support and motivation to customers that seek training, employment, and career advancement, staff take a holistic case management approach that utilizes multiple techniques to address and provide solutions for a variety of barriers and assessed needs of their customers.

These techniques include:

  • assessing and triaging;
  • determining customer needs;
  • advising on current employment opportunities, growing industries, and available training options; and
  • providing career guidance.

Customer-Centered Case Management Training

This slide show focuses on the elements for customer-focused case management, the key items case managers need to know and understand about case management, and the role of the case manager. 

Documenting Progress through Case Notes

Case management also entails coordinating, tracking and reporting customer activities and services via management information systems (MIS).

There also is an important connection between case notes and related issues, such as planning, implementation, follow-up, and success.

Learn how to quickly create case notes that include essential case management information, discover what types of information should and should not be included, and begin using a fail-safe approach for writing case notes that is guaranteed to improve those notes, even if you are not naturally a good writer.

Counseling and Case Management Manual

This manual is designed to assist YouthBuild staff and youth professionals in the development and enhancement of various components of counseling and case management from program entry to post-program follow-up, but it contains model practices that can be replicated in other programs as well.

Integrated Service Delivery

In addition, case management requires facilitating resource leveraging and service delivery coordination with partner agencies.  Service delivery for customers can be done seamlessly through the use of an integrated MIS, team-based case management or cross-program case management.

                    Resources for Workforce System Success

Effective Case Management Resources

The Supporting Integrated Intake and Effective Case Management in the Workforce System identified existing tools and resources about integrated intake processes and high quality case management.  

These resources are designed to assist workforce programs to increase their integration at the point of customer intake into the workforce system, and to improve their support for effective case management.