Job Search Assistance and Career Readiness that Assures a Good Fit in Placement and Reemployment

Author(s): Employment and Training Administration

Organizational Author(s): U.S. Department of Labor

NEW! Translating LMI into Service Delivery E-Learning Training Series

Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), job readiness and career preparation services are a crucial part of the job-driven vision that entails assisting jobseekers and workers in attaining employment and advancing through career pathways.

Navigating Online Career Exploration and Planning Tools

Navigating Online Career Exploration and Planning Tools: A Skills Gap Roadmap for Case Managers helps case managers guide jobseekers through the career exploration and planning process. 

Components of the guide include:

  • three ideas about how case managers can organize career exploration and planning;
  • eight "At-A-Glance" templates that help case managers determine which electronic tools are most helpful to meet which customers’ needs;
  • three "Career Transition Roadmaps" that show how case managers provide career exploration in three distinct scenarios; and
  • an “E-Learning Resource Chart” that highlights additional resources for case managers who want to learn more.

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Jobs Club and Networking

Job clubs operated by faith- and community based organizations (FCBOs) are intended for staff, volunteers, community leaders, and anyone else committed to helping all Americans succeed in the labor market. 

Job clubs help jobseekers succeed in entering and returning to the labor market by involving the interests and efforts of community organizations, employers, trade associations, professional organizations, networking centers, religious institutions, nonprofits, and other neighborhood groups.          

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