Wednesday, July 20, 2016 1:30 PM ~ 2:30 PM ET

Listening to your customers offers program staff and leaders insight into the many factors affecting youth and adult job-seekers. But what happens after you gather all that feedback?


How do you synthesize what you hear and observe into meaningful program changes leading to better outcomes? Join us as we hear from two local workforce boards from Colorado and Pennsylvania who have tackled implementing customer feedback into their youth programs and serving formerly incarcerated individuals. 

1. What methods did you use to research your customers? What questions proved to offer you the most insight into your customers’ needs?

2. How did your team of partners debrief each other on what you heard? How did you identify key themes and patterns which lead you to modify your programs?

3. How has adopting this customer feedback improved the services and outcomes of your programs?



Christy Montgomery, Maher & Maher


Pamela A. Streich, Director of Planning for Workforce Development, North Central Workforce Development Board, PA 

D’Angelo Johnson, Agency Trainer, Arapahoe/Douglas Works!, CO