Peer Learning Group Call on Customer Centered Design

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

2:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM ET

Call-In Number: 877-361-4628

Conference Code: 3189475684



Customer-Centered Design (CCD) is an amazingly generative process that starts with people and ends with surprising answers tailor-made to put our customers' needs at the center. 

This call will provide an overview of the three CCD phases (Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation) and their applicability to WIOA. You will hear from practitioners who have successfully utilized CCD principles to implement prototypes that are transforming the public workforce system.

Discussion Questions

       1.  Why is CCD relevant to delivering services in an American Job Center?

       2.  How do you get staff (and customers) engaged and involved in the process?

       3.  What impacts and results have come from using CCD?


Christy Montgomery, Maher & Maher


Riccardo Canova, Workforce Development Specialist, Workforce Development Department, San Bernardino County

Gustavo Cisneros, Staff Analyst, Workforce Development Department, San Bernardino County

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