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This blog was submitted by Amanda Ahlstrand from the Employment and Training Administration.

WIOA has given the workforce system an opportunity to change the way we do business. But much as we might like to, we can’t simply wave a wand and magically make everything new and different. Real change happens at the ground level, with dozens of people within an organization making decisions, both big and small, on a daily basis, to do things differently and better.  Change is hard work, and we all have varying degrees of readiness and ability to embrace it. We understand that well; we too are going through dramatic change at every level here at DOL as we work with new partners and adjust to the requirements of WIOA.

We’ve heard from the states and grantees that figuring out how to change is as challenging as figuring out what to change. With that in mind, we have provided a series of tools to help you discuss change and help your staff adapt to uncertainty and risk as you work through implementation of WIOA.

A new series of ION Talks on WorkforceGPS/ION http://bit.ly/2bERLYE is designed to get the conversation started at every level of your organization. For individual teams in the field all the way up to your board and community partners, these videos and discussion guides will provide the opportunity to open up a dialogue on what the system will look like in the future and frank discussions on just how hard the changes might be.

Each video is less than 15 minutes long, and comes with a discussion guide. They’re designed to help the group process the material and discuss the impact change is having on the team, the organization, and themselves personally. They also provide a great opportunity to bring in partners from other programs in to deepen your level of integration and cooperation. Choose any or all of three videos to get the conversation started or work through specific challenges.

Leading Change – Transformational Leadership. This ION Talk will help you and your colleagues, partners and staff explore what we mean by Transformational Leadership. It also helps you to understand how Transformational Leaders engage and motivate stakeholders.

Change is Constant – Individual Resiliency. WIOA is requiring change at many levels – maybe your role, the programs you manage, your relationships with states and locals, partners and employers. This ION Talk explores the individual factors that impact how we cope with and effectively manage change. A self-assessment is included to consider individual resiliency to change.

Reconfiguring the System – Organizational Resiliency. This video with the companion Organizational Resiliency discussion guide can be useful as a thought piece for an administrator who wishes to implement a change for his/her group, office or team. Or you can use them together as a process for the entire group to plan, discuss and work through a pending change.

The ION Talks can be used as part of your strategic planning meetings or board or staff retreats as you engage with new partners and plan for integrating new programs into your services. The Organizational Resiliency video and planning tool will help you bring resistance (intentional or instinctive) out into the open where you can help your staff or board work through issues as a team. The Transformational Leadership video and discussion guide is not just for current leaders – for example, you could use it at regional and state training conferences to build and uncover the future leaders in your team. It’s a great tool to help them envision themselves as transformational leaders.

What if you’re the one struggling with change, or individuals on your team? That’s okay, too. Wisdom equals knowledge plus courage. The Individual Resiliency video and self-assessment will provide you a starting point to explore why we resist change and suggest ways to think about how to manage change differently.

Do you have a success story about your team and change? Or can share how these ION Talks assisted with managing the changes required by WIOA?

Post your comments and stories on the Change Management Discussion Topic http://bit.ly/2bERLYE .

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