There are No Passengers on this Mission - We’re All Crew

Posted 8/24/2017 7:32 PM by Brandon Carter

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July 1 is approaching fast, and it seems like we’re all looking at the same summer plans:  half of us are focusing on the specific details in the statute and half are focused on the big ideas (how do we provide value to economic development in our region?) How do we manage it all?   Big changes require big thinking.

One of the most important concepts in WIOA is partnerships. This includes partnerships with a range of state, regional, and local agencies and organizations that provide employment, education, training, and related services and supports to help all jobseekers secure good jobs while providing businesses with the skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy.

From my discussions with workforce leaders in the Region 3, I know that many states and local areas are bringing together the WIOA core programs – Adult, Dislocated Worker, Youth, Wagner-Peyser Employment Service, Adult Education and Vocational Rehabilitation – as well as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and other partners, to prepare for implementation of WIOA.  Teams are assessing the opportunities to align their resources and identifying ways to further coordinate. In the process, they are deepening their partnerships that will lead to improved services to their joint customers. 

We encourage you to form teams with partners in your state or local areas. This is our chance to strengthen our partnerships across the workforce system so that together we create what Secretary Perez calls a “skills superhighway.”  There are no passengers on this mission; we’re all crew.  All of our partners contribute to the realization of a comprehensive, integrated, and streamlined workforce system expands opportunities for all jobseekers and businesses.  

There are no passengers on this mission; we’re all crew.

We’ve launched the Innovation and Opportunity Network (ION) to support your partnerships.  ION will connect you with answers and proven practices.  You will access tips and practical implementation tools.  You will engage in peer-to peer learning and attend webinars spotlighting workforce leaders who have made progress on implementation of WIOA.  Peer-to-peer mentoring is built into our support system for you as you implement WIOA – Together we are smarter and more innovative than any of us acting alone.

That’s why peer to peer mentoring is built into our support system for you as you implement WIOA.

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