Last spring, in March of 2017, the Innovation and Opportunity Network (ION) hosted a WIOA Wednesday on universal design and taking a customer-centered approach in the American Job Center. Although you can always access the event’s recording, the WorkforceGPS Team understands you might not have an hour to dedicate to watching it. That’s why we have created an abridged version that’s less than three minutes long, as well as an executive summary of the full event.

We encourage you to spend part of your coffee break this afternoon learning how universal design can be achieved through applying the methods of customer centered design within the American Job Center.

Also, if you are interested in exploring the topic further, you can chat with David Jones, the presenter in this webcast, about Universal Design on Wednesday, November 1st. He will be available via WorkforceGPS Chat on from 2:00pm to 3:00pm EST. Although you can chat with David anytime during that window, you do need to register to attend; to so, click here.