Customer-Centered Design (CCD) is an amazingly generative process that starts with people and ends with surprising answers tailor-made to put our customers' needs at the center of service delivery, processes and customer flow.

We can use CCD to directly learn from the communities and populations we serve, and to rapidly come up with innovative new concepts, quickly prototype them, and then make our ideas come to life with positive results for our customers.

By joining in implementing CCD, workforce professionals can:

  • Develop plans in a different way, and NOT with the regulations and law in the middle, but with the customer in the middle
  • Produce better labor market outcomes and higher customer satisfaction
  • Develop methods, tools, skills that can be taught and learned
  • Use a  step-by-step process that any organization can replicate to address challenges  
  • Work with your partners to address key challenge areas 
  • Receive coaching to support your transformation every step of the way

                       Federal Service and Programs Eligibility Matrix

Customer-Centered Design (CCD) Peer Training

Learn how your state and local area peers are implementing customer-centered service delivery design in the WIOA Implementation! 

Access videos, podcasts and other materials here on the ION Peer Learning Community to learn more about customer-focused service delivery and customer-centered operational designs.

WIOA implementation gives us a huge opportunity to step back from business as usual, and design services with the customer in mind.